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AWS services are your waterproofing specialists in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We have experienced qualified tradespeople. AWS Services will install the right waterproofing solution for your needs, at a price that suits your budget.

Water leaking into a structure can cause severe damage. Water intruding into a building’s structure can create a variety of problems, such as mould and bacteria. Moisture can add to the deterioration of wooden support structures.

Proper waterproofing is essential to prevent moisture from seeping into buildings.

AWS can assist you with the following:
  • Balcony membrane application
  • Wet room waterproofing
  • Rooftop waterproofing
  • Waterproofing a basement
  • Planter box waterproofing
  • Retaining wall waterproofing
  • Torch-on membrane application
  • Acrylic membrane application

We service all areas in Melbourne VIC, Perth WA and Sydney NSW. If you require any residential waterproofing solution Call us on 1300 66 5325 or fill out our obligation free quotation request form.

Waterproofing Solutions

There are many products designed to keep water away from structures. Whichever product is used, proper installation is the key to ensuring it will do its job efficiently. Installing the product correctly will also save the building owners from dealing with countless problems moisture can cause.

High moisture content develops into cracks, mildew, wet basements and rot. This can mean considerable damage to the foundation, ultimately affecting the wellbeing of the rest of the structure as it spreads. Therefore, installing the waterproofing product properly is so important. The foundation of your property must be kept dry as possible.

Advances in technology have made methods of waterproof membrane application more effective and less expensive. Protecting the foundations of your building is essential to preserve your investment and the resale value of your property.

Look no further you have found the waterproofing experts. Call us on 1300 66 5325 or fill out our obligation free quotation request form.

Membrane Application

When applying a waterproof membrane, it is important that you are aware of the direction and flow of water during heavy downpours. If the flow is towards your foundation it needs to be redirected. If the water does not flow and just sits near the foundation it can seep through the soil and get into the foundation.

Our waterproofing services include redirecting the flow of water away from the property. This may require modifying the sloping and landscaping around the property. Sometimes it is necessary to modify the edges of the structure itself to redirect the flow.

It is best to have a professional assess the situation. They will be able to suggest the right method to lock out the moisture. Prevention is always better than having to repair the whole foundation, even if the problem is not apparent. It pays to protect your structure with a waterproof membrane.

AWS supplies and installs the best waterproofing membranes for the situation at hand. Each situation is different regarding what membrane we use or recommend you use on your project.

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